Monday, September 16, 2013

Absence of weaving

With my day job having to take precedence (out of necessity) over the past three months, there has not been any weaving since my brief Saori sojourn with Kax Maddigan of Curiousweaver, back in June.

SwingKnitting exploration

Hand-spun & hand-dyed Mohair
The only way I have been able to get through this weaving deficit has been to use the snippets of time available and knit. This has allowed me to (a) handle beautiful yarns (b) create (c) produce some functional items for self (d) contemplate ideas for future weaving.
  • I became intrigued with something called "Swing Knitting" and explored the techniques and potential for infinite variation through this fascinating approach to using short rows.
  • Learnt a little about Elizabeth Zimmerman and her approach to garment design through knitting a vest from a 1950s pattern.
  • Discovered both the pleasure and frustration in knitting fine silk yarn into a lace shawl. 
  • Knitted up some hand-dyed German sock yarn into a stunning collar.
  • Delighted in knitting mohair, hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn by a friend, into a lacey, floppy beret.
Kyoto in Autumn
Weaving is definitely back on the agenda soon though, as I am off to Japan shortly for intensive weaving workshops in Osaka at Saorinomoro. Spending time also in Takayama during their famous Autumn festival and also visiting Kyoto. Won't be at all surprised if these strong autumnal tones appear in my weaving on my return!
Saorinomoro in Osaka, Japan
The anticipation of this adventure and learning opportunity has kept me going these past months and I am sure to return to weaving with enhanced skills, expanded ideas and new friends.

Autumn in Takayama


  1. Are you going with Kaz and A? I sure hope it's cool enough by then. And no silly-stupid rain. Lovely travels!

    1. Thanks Meg. Unfortunately I was not able to coincide my visit with Kaz and A. We will be virtually crossing paths with 1 day in between though. Whatever the weather I am sure to enjoy!