Friday, September 28, 2012

New Beginnings

ArtWeaver is an art and weaving blog. I will share what energises me in my art practice, my personal journey as an artist and what excites me about the weaving arts of others.

Since the beginning of 2010 I have written TheDecoDame blog, documenting my learning and discoveries as I have undertaken a Diploma of Textile Arts. If you look at my Bio & CV page you will find out more about me, but THIS is the page if you want to see and read about weaving arts and my ongoing explorations as an ArtWeaver!

My 1st piece of hand weaving - leno weave on a cardboard loom
With my completion of this course in the next couple of months, I am now looking ahead to a future as an Art Weaver. My own term (so far!) but the one that seemed the best fit for the direction my work and my passion is developing. 

Art and weaving intersect for me, at both creative and technical levels, fully engaging my mind. Looking back at the long history of the weaving arts across world cultures, there is a treasure trove of inspiration and information. Looking forward into the future of weaving arts, there is the excitement and constant challenge of new materials, reinterpreted weave structures and imaginative outcomes.

Most recent art weave near completion (woven on 8 shaft table loom)

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